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In the All Things Clean museum gift shop, you can find items to educate, inspire and share and even to make you smile.

Proceeds from the store help support the mission of the museum, which is to teach the value of clean.

The gift shop is located in the large entryway to the museum, so that it is available to shoppers without paying the price of admission. The entrance to the shop is a giant washboard. Inside the store, shoppers will find a variety of goods attractively displayed in washtubs, old washing machines and mop buckets of course!

Perhaps the children would be interested in their very own cleaning tools, sized just right for smaller hands, like kid-sized mops, vacuums, sweepers, and dusters? Kangaroo caddies to carry items can help make cleaning fun.

For those concerned about the effects of harsh cleaning chemicals, there is a line of natural cleaning supplies that won’t harm surfaces, fixtures, or the environment.

The museum gift shop also has a corner on the market of unusual and fun gifts. Check out the washboard tie that actually plays music. Also available are locally made soaps that come in delightful scents and shapes.

Looking for a stuffed animal that isn’t a run-of-the-mill teddy bear? How about giant microbe plush toys, shaped like common viruses with feelers and googly eyes? They may look scary, but these educational toys have tags that teach kids how to stay healthy and avoid the real thing.

Personal cleanliness items include a portable baby bathtub, naturally sweetened tooth gel, infant teether, and a safer, flexible toothbrush for children.

Dozens of unusual cleaning books and publications to educate and inspire families to clean more successfully round out the museum’s offerings.

In short, the All Things Clean gift shop in the Museum of clean offers anything and everything you might need to inspire you to clean faster, clean better, and even enjoy doing it.

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Proceeds from the store help support the mission of the museum, which is to teach the value of clean.