Tue-Sat / 10am-5pm

National and local visitors arrive at the Museum of Clean expecting the average 3-5000 sq ft of history, antiques and pictures. Instead, they walk into an awesome 75,000 sq. ft (on a city block) complex of excitement, education and inspiration for the whole family.  Clean applies to 100’s—actually 1000’s of applications. Our museum goal is to touch as many dimensions as we can—in display, art items, slate, and participation. So come prepared to do and get more than just see… remembering this is not a cleaning museum, it is a museum of clean.


What to Plan For

Allow a minimum of 1.5 hours for a tour that includes children and then additional time for on your own interactive displays. For adult only tours, allow 1 to 2 hours (depending on level of detail and or how busy we are), and again, you may want to allow extra time for self exploration. For history and art lovers please allow 3.5 hours. Mornings are good! Plenty of photo opportunities and interactive exhibits for kids and adults. Lots of walking but we are ADA compliant as well. Great local food and plenty of easy parking, including RV parking.

What to Expect

No guards—honor system. Multiple places to sit or rest. Plenty of easy, free parking. No crowds—a relaxing tour. Humorous and educational. Unique gifts in the Museum shop. Hands-on displays. Frequent personal tours - Available with Don Aslett.

Not Your Normal Museum

While most museums have a single subject focus this one is far, far from that —clean dominates the value of everything that affects life. Like clean air, clean water, clean language, clean health, clean bed, floors, politics, jokes, teeth, art… and how about clean arteries?