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Contributions are solutions to the rate and quality of growth of our Museum! The initial and primary financing was done by Aslett Family. The magnificence of an ongoing quality Museum needs external support. We invite you to donate to our 501 c3 non-profit arm.

The Museum could not display its many fine pieces without the help of generous and committed donors. Much of our great success was due to the generosity of a few fellow visionaries who have contributed time, money, emotion and creativity. The DeLaRosa family, Kris Bennion, John and Cindy Marshall, Live-Right, Marvin Klein, and Allen Rosenthal (Atlanta) were all forerunners.



Your Donations Add That Extra Sparkle

Even though we are still in our infancy, we were offered rare clean-related collections and unique acquisitions. For example, Tom Lane's 50 year-old DIVCO restored cleaning truck (valued at $40K), two original Orek vacuums from Mr. Oreck himself, and a stunning vacuum bag quilt sewn with block pieces more than 95 years old. We also received a beautiful 20-pound brass Pakistani royal iron, and get this - Discovery Space Shuttle trash compactor (thank you taxpayers of America). To enhance the entrance to our clean art gallery an exquisite bust of Hygiena, the mythical goddess of hygiene, has been sculpted by local artist Malynda Cooper.

We Appreciate Your Contribution

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