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Gleaming with potential: museum has bright future

The construction and outfitting of the museum of clean is almost complete, but some major “new construction” signs are waiting to be posted. Here are a few of the features still to come to the museum of clean.

South wall solar collector: The duct work and roof units are already designated and in place. The remainder of the solar collector to be installed comes in at an estimated $60,000

Roof Garden: The 1.5 floor open air space (approx. 8,000 sq. feet) will host a park-style landscape of trees, plants, meandering paths, and an elegant seating area.

The roof garden: This will be the perfect place for receptions any time of the year. The structure needs one foot of soil, installed walkways and planted vegetation. Cost: $35,000

Additional restrooms: There are presently four restroom stations in the museum, which adequately serve our initial opening and the museum’s Event Center. There will be 12 more restrooms, two on each level. Most are not painted and rough plumbed. The future bid to complete the restrooms is $200,000 just for the fixtures.

The long “to-do” list keeps getting longer:

  • Sound systems for the entire complex.
  • Software packages for museum administration.
  • Classroom seminar hardware
  • Tables and chairs throughout the complex.
  • Lockers for coats, boots and parcels
  • More and better exhibits and displays.


We have the time and talent to complete these projects, but we need your help with funding. Please join us in the Clean Cause!

Please go to www.museumofclean.com/contribute to see how you can be a part of this great endeavor.